Bricklayers and Brickwork

Bricklayers and Brickwork in Sussex



Whether you are considering brickwork for a retaining wall, patio or paving, or a detached extension on your property, you can’t afford to take a risk on quality, safety or price.


Of all the many bricklayers in Sussex, Arc Bricklayers and Brickwork have always stood out in terms of workmanship, reliability and compliance.


Would you prefer a master or apprentice?


Competent bricklayers know that quality brickwork is a craft honed through many years of experience. But we don’t believe that homeowners should offer up their homes as a training ground for apprentice brickies. When you choose Arc for your brickwork project, however small, you can be assured that you will be getting an experienced bricklayer on the job.




Appearance matters


Many bricklayers in Sussex are keen to get finished as soon as they can so they can rush off to the next job. Unfortunately, this is often obvious from the quality of their brickwork. We respect the sanctity of your home or business and work conscientiously to treat the smallest decorative pillar with as much care as a multi-storey outbuilding. Our facing work is of the highest quality and we always operate in a neat and tidy space.


Safety is also of utmost importance to us; we are compliant with the latest health and safety legislation and our bricklayers are trained to maintain a well-ordered working environment around them.




While we strongly advise that you contact us for a quote on even the smallest project, we understand that restricted budgets often make DIY bricklaying appealing to homeowners. If you want to try your hand at brickwork, we suggest an innocuous external wall or flower bed might be a good place to start.




Here are some tips:


Measure brickwork in multiples of 75mm (65mm for the brick and 10mm for the mortar bed). While inconsistent brickwork may not be noticeable on an external wall, you will find that it makes a big difference in internal bricklaying, where doors and windows are sized using this standard.


Use gauge rods and a plumb line when gauging your rows, and level to a datum point (e,g. the building’s Finished Floor Level). This will make it easier to keep your brickwork even and level.


Keep the front of the brick one-sixteenth of an inch back from the plumb line, as continuously touching the line will eventually pull it out of shape.


Push the front of the brick into the mortar first, then gently level by pushing the back down.


Look down the brickwork regularly to check alignment.
Clean excess mortar from the face of the bricks as you go.
Finish your mortar joints to perfection using a joiner or rake.


Please call us on Eastbourne Office – 01323 472 726 or Brighton and Hove – 01273 468 255 .