Build Management

Building and Project Management in Sussex


Many homeowners think that if they lack knowledge or insight into the building trade, they are at the mercy of unscrupulous builders or building contractors, and sadly this is often the case. Either that, or they opt for a smaller firm who may start out with good intentions but lack the resources or experience to complete the project in an efficient fashion.


However, many people are now starting to wake up to the benefits of  build management, which include:


  • Reduced costs
  • Practically zero stress
  • Transparency
  • Full control over expenditure
  • Checks and controls
  • Legal Compliance





Build Management Sussex – What we do


In a nutshell, Arc Build Management oversees your building project from the stage of receiving your architect’s plans to completion and signing off of works. As we work on your behalf, but from an insider’s perspective, we are dedicated to finding the best deal for you.


In detail, this means liaising with architects (e.g. amending plans), surveyors, structural engineers (e.g. assessing reports) and Building Control inspectors; sourcing materials and tradespeople; managing work schedules and budgets and keeping a close eye on progress and quality.


Tricks of the trade that work FOR you


Builders have families too, and they know the risk of underquoting or work running over time. Therefore, they often incorporate between 30 and 100 per cent profit margins using strategies such as ‘top end pricing’. Or they will cut costs by using their own tradespeople, often to the detriment of quality. The less honest tradespeople even charge VAT while not VAT-registered, pocketing the extra.


In contrast, we send out itemised ‘tender packs’ and invite and quality-check tradespeople to supply quotations. Our industry contacts will help us to weed out the cowboys and concentrate on sourcing the best deal for you.




Build Management Sussex – What happens next?


If build management sounds like something that would work for you, the first step is to email us for a free consultation; we will respond promptly.


If you decide to go ahead, we would follow the process below:


  1. Visit you at home to discuss your project and come up with an estimated project cost.
  2. Email you a proposal which would include factors such as expected timeframe, tradespeople needed, estimated costs and our fee. We can also recommend architects at this point.
  3. Break down the project into detail (including colour schemes, socket placements, door styles, etc.)
  4. Send out three identical tender packs to tradespeople and invite quotes.
  5. Award contracts, calculate level of disruption and finalise the timeframe.
  6. Source materials and schedule and begin the works.
  7. Manage the project throughout, usually incorporating weekly progress meetings.
  8. Complete the works and organise sign off by Building Control. Ensure certification is in place.





Regarding payment


Payment to tradespeople will be organised by you after we have ensured the works have been signed off. The only payment we will handle is our own build management fee.


Please call us on Eastbourne Office – 01323 472 726 or Brighton and Hove – 01273 468 255 .