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Kitchen Fitters in Sussex, Brighton, Eastbourne & Hastings




There’s no doubt that the exciting part about getting a new kitchen is the choosing of it: the units, the appliances, the type of worktop, the fixtures and fittings, etc. Once we’ve spent hours, days and weeks deciding, we can relax and imagine what a family breakfast or a dinner party will be like once your dream kitchen is in place.


But in between the choosing and the enjoying comes the installation, and often we neglect to consider our options, accepting the installation price quoted by the kitchen supplier without further thought. Many of us wouldn’t even think to research the track record of the kitchen fitters used by the supplier, who may be more interested in getting on to the next kitchen on their list as quickly as possible, rather than perfecting the finish of your kitchen.


Before paying over the odds for kitchen installation of unknown standard , we would like to offer you a professional installation service from one of the most accomplished kitchen fitters in Sussex.


Our team of kitchen fitters are skilled and experienced, with that special finishing touch that makes the difference between an OK installation and a flawless one. We respect your kitchen is probably the the hub and heart of your home and will listen attentively to your needs.


We will work quickly and diligently, but with patience, to give you superb craftsmanship without disrupting your household for too long.






Kitchen fitting is not just a case of screwing in a few screws here and there. There are several stages to an installation, and the best kitchen fitters in Sussex will give each stage the care it deserves, working with laser-like attention to detail to ensure no mistakes.


Even errors in out-of-sight places can be a source of future problems, with germs contaminating chipped or cracked surfaces and poorly-fitted hinges placing stress on doors and drawers, shortening the lifespan of your kitchen.


Unless you enjoy digging through old paperwork for serial numbers and holding the line to your suppliers’ Replacements Hotline, it is best to ensure everything is fitted correctly in the first place.


Every kitchen is unique but, in general, the stages of work include:


Fitting Floor units




This requires careful measurement so that units fit snugly into position, with corner posts covering any unsightly gaps, and screws hidden behind well-secured hinges.


Fitting Wall units




Again, accurate measurement is vital, with the correct brackets and screws used for the type of wall that your units will be attached to.


Doors and drawers


Deceptively simple, but everyone knows the frustration caused by misaligned doors and drawers, not to mention the extra strain on the units.


Cutting and Fitting Worktops


The mark of a quality craftsman is in the neat and accurate cutting, secure fixing and careful sealing, trimming and filing of your worktops.




Hides those unsightly and crumb-collecting gaps between units and floor.


Finishing touches


Choosing the right kitchen fitters in Sussex will ensure that your dream kitchen looks wonderful and functions perfectly for many years to come.


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