Loft Conversions

Loft Conversions in Sussex, Roof Window, Dormer and Hip to Gable Conversions


There is nothing like that feeling when previous ‘dead space’ in your home is brought to life courtesy of a well-designed and professionally constructed loft conversion.


Whether you’re looking to create a necessary extra bedroom, to add some luxury in the form of a gym or play room or just to add value to your home ready for a sale, the extra space a quality loft conversion can bring you is certain to improve the quality of your life.


To ensure your loft conversion project is a success, you need to put ion the necessary groundwork beforehand. This includes sourcing an experienced and reputable builder in Sussex to manage your project as well as securing planning permission and building regulations approval.




Loft conversions Sussex – Planning Permission & Building Regulations
Planning permission is not normally needed for loft conversions. Every local authority is different though, so we recommend you check the situation with your local planning office first.


In general, loft conversions are Permitted Development as long as:


  • The extra living space is no more than 40m2 (50m2 for end terrace/semi conversions)
  • They do not extend beyond the plane of the roof at the front of the property
  • Windows are semi-obscured and non-opening below 1.7m
  • They extend no higher than the existing roof
  • They are constructed using materials of similar appearance to the existing building
  • They are set back at least 20cm from the eaves (if possible) and don’t overhang the wall
  • There are no verandas, balconies or similar raised platforms


Building regulations approval will be needed, regardless of whether planning permission is required.


Loft conversions Sussex – Types of conversion


There are three main types of loft conversion, and it is not uncommon to find two – or even three – types combined in the same property:


Roof Window/Roof Light Conversion

Sometimes termed a ‘Velux’ loft conversion due to the popular window brand, a roof window or roof light loft conversion makes use of the existing space by making structural alterations without extending the proportions of the building. As well as installing the windows, space can be increased by, for example, replacing wooden trusses with space-saving steel supports.


Dormer Conversion

Dormer conversions extend out of the back (and/or sometimes front) of a property, making use of a timber frame. Dormers create more extra space than a roof window loft conversion.


Hip to Gable Conversion

A hip to gable conversion creates a lot more space than the other types of loft conversion and is a more involved building project. The sloped edge of a roof (the hip) is replaced by a gable wall.


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